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Market developing specialist&t2015-08-10
Market developing specialist&translator(Intalian-Chinese)I.Responsibilities:1.carry out market researches of Italy;2.collaborate with overseas offices of the company to collectbusiness information, and anal....[MORE]
Machinery engineer2015-08-10
Machinery out production process together with other departments; proper machinery as required by production; 3.make plans for machinery selection, including evaluating....[MORE]
Rock Salt Geology&Mining Engin2015-08-10
Rock Salt Geology&Mining Engineer I.Responsibilities:1.take full responsbility for the techniques and management of theproject in mining;2.make and implement technical plans for short-term, medium-term....[MORE]
Rock salt mine prospection eng2015-08-10
Rock salt mine prospection engineer I.Responsibilities: 1.take full responsibility for planning,design,implement,technology and product management of our mineral prospection project. 2.responsible for planning,....[MORE]
Lab Assistant(Rock Salt)2015-08-10
Lab Assistant(Rock Salt) I.Responsibilities:1.To assist in building and administrating the rock saltlaboratory;2.Purchasing lab equipment and experimental apparatus,takingcharge of daily lab management;3.To d....[MORE]
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