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​Jointt Group President Visits Mr. Masood Khalid the Ambassador of Pakistan to PRC
Time:2016-03-10                Author:admin1

On March 2 2016, Mr. Bai Shun President of Jointt Group visited Mr. Masood Khalid the Ambassador of Pakistan to PRC at the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Beijing China. An official meeting was hold and both parties made in-depth communication in respect of Jointt Group’s investment projects progress and future planning in Pakistan. Mr. Alpha the Commercial Counselor of Pakistan Embassy, Ms. Zafar the Special Envoy of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Mr. Gao Jinglun the President Secretary of Jointt Group attended the meeting.

Mr. Bai Shun introduced Jointt Group’s development and investment projects in Pakistan. Based on global resources and market strategy, Jointt Group achieves the balanced matching of stock and demand through innovative business models. Jointt Group’s main business areas cover organic agriculture, premium food, clean energy, mining, international engineering contracting and service, and international trade. Since Jointt Group entered Pakistan in 2009, we have been bringing China and developed countries’ advanced experience & technology into Pakistan, and made important contribution to enhance China-Pakistan friendship. We have participated in many major projects involving Pakistan national economy and people's livelihood, such as Slope Prevention of Saindak Copper and Gold Mine, Site Prospecting and Waterway Survey Engineering Services for the Port Qasim Coal Fired Power Project, Geotechnical Engineering Service for Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project, etc. Our premium food project, organic agriculture project and clean energy project in Pakistan are based on developed-countries-oriented market strategy and Pakistan's advantageous resources, which promotes local people’s living standard, and brings about sustainable development to local economy.

Mr. Masood Khalid expressed his gratitude towards Jointt Group’s contribution to Pakistan’s economy over the years, spoke highly of Jointt Group’s business models and development concept in investment projects in Pakistan. Mr. Masood Khalid expected Jointt Group would invest and achieve a lot in Pakistan projects. The Embassy of Pakistan to China will keep continuous attention to Jointt Group’s development in Pakistan and will provide relevant support and assistance.

Mr. Bai Shun expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Masood Khalid’s attention and support, and indicated that Jointt Group’s projects would base on the localization and long-term operation in Pakistan, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, carry out environmental protection standard the same with developed countries, and make continuous contribution to Pakistan economy.

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