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Cooperation Conference between Jointt Group and Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd
Time:2014-06-10                Author:admin1

On Jun. 5th, 2014, Jointt Group and Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd held a cooperation conference in Jointt Group headquarters in Chengdu. 7 leaders (including general manager Huang Chaogang and deputy general manager) from Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd and 6 leaders (including president Bai Shun, general manager and other senior management) from Jointt Group attended the conference.

President Bai Shun expressed warm welcome to attendees from Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd, gave high praise to the successful cooperation in mining exploration and development in Balochistan Pakistan, and expressed sincere thanks to Xin Shun’s help and support for so long a time.

President Bai Shun introduced recent overseas business development of Jointt Group to Xin Shun attendees, emphasized the achievements and progress in mining exploration, and made a detailed presentation over Jointt Group’s following development planning.

President Bai Shun expressed high expectation on cooperation between Jointt Group and Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd. Based on existing cooperation and the policy that China supports enterprises to prospect and exploit overseas mining resource, Jointt Group and Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd may make full use of each advantages, bring out innovative cooperation model, and promote cooperation level to perform overseas mining cooperation. He said, “Jointt Group and Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd have their own unique advantages. Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd, as a subordinate enterprise of Sichuan Metallurgical&Geological Prospecting Bureau, owns strong technical and operational capacity to prospect and exploit mining resource. Apart from its 50 years mining prospecting experience, it can rely on 10 more geological exploration teams and units, which are all Xin Shun’s advantages. As for Jointt Group, it holds advantages of acute market competitive consciousness, capacity to catch market opportunities, rich experience on transnational operation, and ability to cope with complex problems such as law, tax, capital flow, customs clearance and local labour etc.  As Sichuan enterprises, it is a golden opportunity for Jointt Group and Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd to go abroad jointly.”

Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd General Manager Huang Chaogang acknowledged with President Bai Shun’s conclusion and expectation. He said, “We had a pleasant and successful cooperation. We feel it too late to visit Jointt Group. Your company’s great-leap-forward development teaches us that we shall learn from each other instead of standing still and refusing to make progress. Xin Shun owns prominent advantages to traditional mining prospecting enterprises, as it can prospect and exploit mining resource. Traditional enterprises may be good at looking for mine ore, but lack of mining exploitation experience, which results in uncertainty in economical efficiency and feasibility of the mine.  Traditional enterprises may be skilled in mining exploitation, but lack of mining prospecting experience. Xin Shun combines these two important parts together. Its exploitation guides the prospection, and its prospection supports the exploitation. Besides, Xin Shun owns 2 companies in Sichuan and Qinghai, which have operated for more than 10 years, and accumulated economic benefit and rich experience. Xin Shun has strong capacity in prospecting in cooper, gold, lead & zinc, and manganese, and core technical capacity in separating mine ore such as arsenic-bearing gold ore and multi-metal-bearing lead & zinc ore. Xin Shun can apply technical methods to separate these deserted ore with quite low cost. With Xin Shun’s prominent advantages in mining prospecting and exploitation and Jointt Group’s abundant overseas operation experience, both sides can make the best of its advantages to jointly exploit the overseas mining resource market. ”

Sichuan Xin Shun Mineral Co., Ltd General Manager Huang Chaogang deemed the cooperation with Jointt Group was promising. China supports mixed ownership developing and going abroad. Sichuan Metallurgical&Geological Prospecting Bureau, Xin Shun’s governing organization, is also encouraging its subordinate companies to develop market from multiple aspects. We are sincere in cooperation and are both from Sichuan. We have confidence in our future cooperation.

General Manager Huang Chaogang pointed out that we shall diversify in cooperation projects. We will obtain more progress in Pakistan mining. Besides, Xin Shun had intention to perform projects in Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan, which was also a field to carry out cooperation.

Department managers from both companies made thorough communication over detailed issues.

This conference accelerates our cooperation intention, ascertains clear cooperation goal, and builds solid foundation to future cooperation.

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