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Symposium between Jointt Group and Kunming Prospecting Design Instituteof China Nonferrous Metals Industry
Time:2014-06-09                Author:admin1

On June 4th2014, 6 leaders, headed by Dean Zhao Zhirui, Vice Director Zou Guofu, from Kunming Prospecting Design Institute of China Nonferrous Metals Industry visited Jointt Group at the invitation of Jointt Group President Bai Shun.

Presiding over the symposium, President Bai Shun expressed warm welcome to the present guests.

In the symposium, President Bai Shun said, “in conformity with the principle of ‘equality, trust, win-win cooperation”, Jointt Group and Kunming Prospecting Design Institute of China Nonferrous Metals Industry formed a cooperation unity to explore mines and provide engineering technical service, which have achieved a lot and gained public praise. It is a cooperation model between state-owned enterprise and private enterprise. Our joint effort also presents us with a broad vista.”

Present Bai Shun briefly introduced Jointt Group’s business development overseas over mining, engineering construction, investment and international trade, and Jointt Group’s future development planning especially the IES idea (Integration of Engineering Solution).

He put forward 3 points of expectation in our future cooperation. Firstly, we shall treat each other with all sincerity and keep in through communication to build up a inseparable community. Secondly, we shall face to the overseas market, establish long-term vision, and jointly cultivate and develop market. Thirdly, we shall make the best of countries’ policy and respective advantages to create an innovative cooperation pattern and promote cooperation level.

Zhao Zhirui, Dean of Kunming Prospecting Design Institute of China Nonferrous Metals Industry, expressed gratitude for Jointt Group’s painstaking preparation and well-planned arrangement, and endorsed the above conclusion and suggestion rose by President Bai Shun.

Mr. Zhao Zhirui said, “our visit aims at ‘visiting relatives’, which means discussing and exchanging opinions. We came to Chengdu, that is to say, we attach attention to our cooperation. Among our partners, Jointt Group is the only company maintaining the most frequent communication with our institute, which shows our institute’s willingness to cooperate with Jointt Group. Our institute has established for more than 60 years, while insists principle of ‘equality, respect, concern’ during the cooperation with Jointt Group. ” Mr. Zhao Zhirui notified the institute’s recent general information. He also mentioned that Kunming Prospecting Design Institute of China Nonferrous Metals Industry was experiencing an interior reform, and it spared no efforts to develop market. The institute’s recent development has drawn attentionfrom China Cooper Industry Group and Aluminum Corporation of China, which provides the institute with enormous development space.

Mr. Zhao Zhirui put forward 3 points of expectation in the future cooperation. Firstly, we shall promote cooperation to a new level. Secondly, China is supporting enterprises to perform overseas engineering projects. Under this circumstance, we shall sum up our experience from geotechnical investigation and supporting service to construction technology, optimize cooperation pattern, and provide a more initiative, more efficient, more comprehensive and more superior engineering supporting service to Chinese overseas engineering enterprises in accordance with IES idea. Thirdly, as for the acquisition of mining resources, we shall continue to promote recent cooperation project, cope with problems in our cooperation, and jointly build up overseas mining resources acquisition platform in accordance with the consented agreement.

In the meeting, department managers from both sides discussed detailed issues over mining prospecting, exploitation, geotechnical investigation and construction etc, made frank communication on problems occurred in our cooperation, and reached consensus to cooperate in depth.

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