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Jointt Group President Mr. Bai Shun visits Haier-Ruba Industrial Park in Pakistan
Time:2014-12-02                Author:Chen Lian

On Nov. 17, 2014, a delegation headed by Jointt Group President Mr. Bai Shun visited Haier –Ruba Economic Zone in Lahore, Pakistan.

Ruba Group CEO Mr. Shah Faisal Afrid, Senior Consultant Mr. Wang Zihai and South Asia Products Director Mr. Jin Fuxing expressed warm welcome to Mr. Bai Shun’s visiting. Mr. Shah Faisal Afrid said that he worked in Ruba Group for more than 20 years and met Chinese leaders Mr. Hu Jintao and Mr. Li Keqiang. He spoke highly of the relationship between China and Pakistan. Recent country leaders’ meetings will further promote the economy cooperation, and bring about enomous development opportunities to enterprises in China and Pakistan. Ruba Group covers electronic, automobile, retail, e-commerce, real estate, industrial park etc., and has cooperation with MCC, Haier and so on. Pakistan population has arrived at 200 million while GDP per capita is quite low, so there is huge development potential in Pakistan. Pakistani civil has high expectation on Chinese investors. Enterprises from China and Pakistan enjoys a broad cooperation in the future, in the mean time it makes the friendship stronger between China and Pakistan.  

Mr. Shah Faisal Afrid introduced Ruba Group and Haier-Ruba Economic Zone on their pattern and development history. Haier-Ruba Economic Zone has become a successful model of enterprise cooperation between China and Pakistan. Ruba Group prepares to popularize the successful experience with Haier to other Chinese enterprises. With a 6 years’ investment history in Pakistan, Jointt Group owns strong strength and remarkable achievements. Both sides are looking forward to cooperate in programs and share development achievements.

Mr. Bai Shun expressed he was in favor of what Mr. Shah Faisal Afrid had said. He pointed out that the friendship between China and Pakistan is the typical model for country relationship. In the 6 years operation period, Jointt Group recognized the Pakistani’s friendly attitude towards Chinese people. Here he borrowed the words from a professor in University of Agriculture Faisalabad: “The Pakistani don’t like Chinese people; they do love Chinese people.” In 2012, China and Pakistan have put forward the China-Pak Economic Corridor conception, earlier than the One Belt and One Road, which showed the priority to China-Pak relationship. Jointt Group is organizing staff to learn China-Pak strategic conceptions and comprehend the development opportunities behind. Jointt Group seizes the opportunity that China is supporting outward-looking economy, insists on exploit overseas resources to import into China and export China’s capital, products and technology to overseas. Since 2009, Jointt Group has extended its business scope from mining to energy, high-tech biology, engineering support, industrial park and trading, etc.

Mr. Bai Shun introduced to Mr. Shah Faisal Afrid on company’s mining, coal-fired power plant and high-tech agriculture program in Pakistan. He pointed out that China was in a transitional period, in which many capacities and technology need to be transferred. Pakistan is one of the best land to receive these capacities and technology, but most Chinese enterprises lack understanding of Pakistan’s investment environment and policy so they didn’t recognize the market potential in Pakistan. Jointt Group is based in China mainland; it knows Chinese enterprises’ urgent needs. Ruba Group is a strong diversified industry group; it owns political and commercial resources. There are broad cooperation opportunities between Ruba Group and Jointt Group.

Mr. Shah Faisal Afrid showed his appreciation to Mr. Bai Shun’s foresight to invest in Pakistan. He acknowledged Mr. Bai Shun’s analysis of transferring China’s capacity and technology into Pakistan, and expected to cooperate with Jointt Group to fulfill specific program on this basis. There were few Chinese enterprises that knew well about Pakistan’s investment policy, so Chinese enterprises in Pakistan were numbered. With innovative thoughts and pattern, we can cooperate to provide land, laws, finance, human resources, logistics, public security, etc. through which it could attract more Chinese enterprises to Pakistan and promote China-Pak economic and trade.

After the meeting, Senior Consultant Mr. Wang Zihai and South Asia Products Director Mr. Jin Fuxing invited Mr. Bai Shun to visit Haier-Ruba Industrial Park.

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