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Jointt adheres to long-term talents outlook. Based on staffs’ personal willingness, personal specialty and company development needs, Jointt makes development plans for staff to expand development space, and promotes staff work capacity through various training methods. Jointt will build up business management core team through company self-cultivation.

Jointt advocates the training concept of “Work is training, and training is also the work. Man shall keep on long-term study and life-long training”, and creates study and training atmosphere for staffs to learn and develop themselves proactively. Jointt staff share training achievements beneficial to enhancement of self-quality and work capacity, which can promote their practical ability and implementation ability, and provide a platform for value realization.

Jointt considers cultural integration as the key, the plan management as the core, to cultivate staff of good work attitude and professional spirit through continuous education and training. Continuous education and training will consolidate professional theory basis, promote work skill and work performance, which may integrate company development with staff self-worth realizing.

The staff training is a long-term, systematical and the whole staff involved process throughout staff career development. In this large family, Jointt staff can achieve systematic and continuous learning and enhancement.

Jointt values staff with outstanding achievement and development potentiality in particular. In accordance with the principle of optimizing talents knowledge structure, Jointt will reward excellent staff with trainings, support them with time, money etc. to create necessary conditions for staff studying for degrees and diplomas, preparing for qualification examinations etc.

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