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People Oriented is our forever holding management philosophy. We conscientiously abide by the related national labor laws and regulations to employ staff members in accordance with law on the premise of safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of our employees. Focusing on the system management, we build harmonious and humane labor relations.

For talent introduction, we have established high standard and advanced introduction mechanism to open up several channels for recruitment, such as social recruitment, campus recruitment and overseas recruitment, etc. We welcome all kinds of talent, but we are careful with candidates screening to choose the most talented.

For the job performance and value distribution, we have set up reasonable and scientific remuneration and performance management system. We are doing our best to keep improving the human resource management. Be fair, just and open in value creation and distribution. All of these have greatly motivated our employee’s work enthusiasm and creativity.

For talent training, we have established all-around and systematic training system based on culture integration and planning management. Through actual practice, all the employees can improve themselves. Jointt will build up core business management team through company self-cultivation.

For talent promotion, our rapid and diversified development offers a vast space for employee’s development and promotion, which greatly motivated their subjective initiative and exploited their potentialities. As a result, a favorable motivation circumstance has been created within our group.

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